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A-Claim Medical Payment Solutions

Credit card processing terminal.  Accept all major credit cards. Debit, ATM, JCB, and Diners Card.

View the A Claim Demo for a detailed description of how it works.

A-Claim is an integrated financial tool that enables medical practices to lower accounts receivables, shorten collection cycles, and reduce write-offs.

With patient co-pays and deductibles making up a growing percentage of the total volume of a medical practiceís receivables, patients are expected to pay more up front. As a result, medical practices face higher accounts receivables, longer collection cycles, and increased write-offs.

A-Claim is an effective way to speed cash flow, enhance the patientís experience, and ensure complete payment for the valuable services you provide.

Available throughout the U.S., A-Claim integrates two essential elements to ensure patient payment:

  1. Knowing the patientís financial responsibility
  2. Having the methodology to collect it

A-Claim identifies both and coordinates payments, eliminating administrative tasks such as phone calls, Web searches, and managing duplicate transactions and reconciliation.

Call today for more information on how A-Claim can benefit your practice!

(800) 977-3840

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